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Thru the image of the monarch butterfly, fragments of text stitched into the surface, milkweed pods as Goddess and specimen, I am exploring the conversation between life and death, spirit and soul, survival of species and the vessel of the seed to disperse these ideas.

The beautiful ancient Mexican belief that the monarchs return each year after a 3000 mile migration as the souls of loved ones who have died expresses how we as people use myth and imagination to transcend loss and accept what cannot be truly known.

What is known is the very existence of this magical migration is in danger because of contemporary agricultural practices. The use of glyphosates is wiping out our milkweed populations, the sole food source of the Monarch caterpillars.

In reciprocity I take inspiration for my art from the mythology, lore and science of the Monarch and give back by inspiring others to take up the cause.