• Crossings


    January 9 - January 26

    Artist talk, Wednesday Jan 23
    at the Firehouse Art Center

    This body of work represents a decade of looking at
    migration/immigration and transcendence through the lens of the
    Monarch butterfly migration.
    Thru the image of the monarch butterfly; fragments of text and story I
    am exploring the conversation between life and death, spirit and soul,
    survival of species and the vessel of the seed to disperse these
    ideas. The humble milkweed pod representing to me, the human
    struggle and contrast between free-flowing vs restricted movement.
    The beautiful ancient Mexican belief that the monarchs return each
    year after a 3000 mile migration as the souls of loved ones who have
    died expresses how we as people use myth and imagination to
    transcend loss and accept what cannot be truly known. My spirit
    houses/spirit dolls embody these concepts as my way to honor and
    remember family.